GrateSolutions offers a wide array of services aimed at meeting the diverse needs of our clients through digital media management, strategic business advisory, and grant writing/administration services.

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We specialize in faith-based, fraternal, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, we work to embed graphics on partner digital media platform that include but are not limited to Catholic dioceses, institutions of higher learning, and hospital systems.

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Grant Writing/ Administration

Our team partners with both corporate, non-profit, and faith-based entities to identify, secure, and manage grants that allow clients to optomize their impact through increased funding while feeling assured that grant funds are stewarded properly.

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Strategic Business Advisory

Need help reaching prospective clients and/or identifying new stream of income? We are here to help. GrateSolutions provides clients with advisory strategy options that leverages relationships to help businesses to reach their optimal potential.

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Other Services

Whether planning an event, establishing new donor relationships, legislative policy solutions, or quantative analysis, our team stands ready to help. By leveraging a diverse network of strategic partnerships, we bring together NGOs, government agencies, and multinational organizations to help our clients reach their goals.